Exposing heresy

Having grown up Pentecostal allowed me to experience firsthand the effects of being preyed upon by leaders like Benny Hinn who at face value seemed like genuine believers yet were wolves in sheep’s clothing. A movement with doctrinal error leaves its followers open to victimization in a free for all style of spiritual and financial looting. As a seeker of truth I came to a point of questioning what I believed and my eye opening journey started with a book my uncle recommended by author Hank Haanegraff titled “Christianity in Crisis” which led me to removing myself from a faith, prosperity and works based false ministry I was involved in. My intention is to discuss, shed light and empower others to examine truth and question the prosperity movement and expose its many heresies


From heresy to freedom

Throughout biblical history, from the fall of Adam to the revelations of John in Patmos, the fight between good and evil has always been a battle between truth and lies, light vs darkness, truth vs heresy.  The battleground of truth rages within the church of Christ.  Wolves are creeping in by the droves and ransacking and looting and destroying the faith of those who are either unwilling or unsuspecting in their discernment for truth.  I was a promoter of anything that seemed holy, pure and powerful within Christendom and it led to believing and endorsing false beliefs.  I was bound by lies within the very arena where truth should have reigned.  True spiritual growth comes from discerning truth in light of God’s word.  I was baptized Roman Catholic, then was led to protestantism within the Pentecostal branch of faith, and am now under the reformed branch of faith.   While I believe the church of Christ is not limited to a particular denomination it has been my experience that heresy tends to creep in easily within the movements that foster doctrinal errors and I invite everyone who wants to discuss truth to join me.  Scripture is not impossible to understand as the Holy Spirit guides us to truth and I thank God that men such as Hank Haanegraff , RC Sproul and John MacArthur (among others) have been a source of guidance in my walk of faith.